To survive, we must adapt

Challenges of the future

The cities of the future face many challenges. Climate change is impacting our cities that at the same time keep growing as people migrate from rural areas. Higher density is required while at the same time we want the city to be the place where citizens experience life.

Future cities need to be inclusive and remain liveable. To survive, we must adapt. We need to find new ways to make our cities develop sustainably and to become resilient. The cities we need are cities that can manage acute shocks and chronic stresses. The cities we want can bounce back and can cope with increasing precipitation and heat waves.    Read more


Underground Spaces Unveiled


Activating Networks


Urban Integration

News and upcoming events

AFTES Congress 2017 - The Value is Underground

november 2017

In November 2017, Han Admiraal and Antonia Cornaro will give a keynote lecture at the 15th International AFTES Congress - The Value is Underground, held in Paris, France ....

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Colombia, Peru and Canada

oktober 2017

October 2017 will see Han Admiraal travelling to Medellin, Colombia to give a keynote lecture during the ACTOS XII Andes Tunnelling and Underground Works Conference ...

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REAL CORP 2017 - Vienna - Austria

13 september 2017

On 13 September 2017, Han Admiraal and Antonia Cornaro will give a keynote lecture at REAL CORP 2017, the 22nd International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional ...

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ITA Young Member’s NL

11 september 2017

Han Admiraal will attend a network event at the TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, for students and young professionals. The event sponsored by ITA Member ...

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