Surface and subsurface

unseen opportunities for the city

Since 2008

Han Admiraal founded Enprodes in 2008. Since then, he has become a globally known thought leader on using underground space. As chair of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association’s Committee on Underground Space (ITACUS), he is regularly invited to give keynotes, together with the ITACUS vice chair Antonia Cornaro.

On a professional level, Han Admiraal acts as a consultant for governments, contractors and engineering consultants. His primary focus is on how underground space can contribute to the sustainable development of resilient cities. Several more specific areas of expertise have developed from this, amongst them road tunnel safety and pipeline transport.

As an independent consultant, Han Admiraal is also regularly asked to chair panels or committees dealing with urban planning issues, safety and security issues, or future-proof transport issues.

Han Admiraal is co-chair of ITACUS and President of the Netherlands-Flemish Pipeline Industry Guild. He is also a European Tunnel Safety Officer, appointed to act in that capacity for the Kil Tunnel near Dordrecht, the Netherlands. In his spare time, he is active in the Scout and Guide Association of the Netherlands, having served as a Regional Chair for the Maasdelta Region and as a member of the National Council. In 2022 Han Admiraal was made a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau for services to industry and Scouting.

Based in Vlaardingen

Historic town


Enprodes is based in Vlaardingen, a town close to Rotterdam. From a historic perspective, the town is known for the Vlaardingen culture, early settlers that lived in the area as long back as the Neolithic. In 1018 the Battle of Vlaardingen took place, which laid the foundations for the County of Holland, which would later become part of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. Vlaardingen received city rights from Count Floris V on 14 May 1273, making the city 750 years old in 2023.