Underground Spaces Unveiled 

Planning and Creating the Cities of the Future

“Using underground space is but a small part of a much larger puzzle that planners and geologists are trying to comprehend. It is a struggle, but people are pressing ahead, just like those early frontier pioneers, as they see enormous opportunities and feel it is the only way forward as far as our cities are concerned.”

“The key question is: how will the use of underground space contribute to the city we need, how will it create the future we want. That is what an urban underground future is about, enabling cities to develop sustainably, be resilient, liveable and inclusive.”

“One of the reasons that the development of underground space has stagnated over the years, could lie in the inability of its development to integrate into other developments, create public spaces and become a vibrant part of the urban fabric. In short, underground space is mostly dull and not a place you want to be in.” 

Read more in the book “Underground Spaces Unveiled – Planning and Creating The Cities of the Future” – written by Han Admiraal & Antonia Cornaro published by ICE Publishing in March 2018.

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