Activating Networks

Han Admiraal works on the principle that there is only one way to enable change and to transition to new paradigms; participation based on a genuine dialogue. In this way, stakeholders are empowered and encouraged to state their underground claims. A dialogue to unveil what is hidden and reveal what needs addressing.

This principle has become fundamental in the work that Enprodes does and how it approaches they way it consults for clients. Dialogue enables growth through learning from others. Enprodes aims at making your organisation learn and develop. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the way we adapt and the way we can survive to create the cities of the future with the infrastructures of the future.

Han Admiraal has over the years created an extensive network around him of dedicated professionals supporting him. Enprodes works in close collaboration with Amberg Engineering of Switzerland on IRTSM. Amberg Loglay of Switzerland is a partner on underground freight transport, together with the Foundation for Future Proof Transport Initiatives (FPTI) of which Han Admiraal is a co-founder. With Fleming of Bratislava an annual IRTSM training is organised in the Amberg VSH Hagerbach Underground Facility. 

Enprodes has offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Bogota, Colombia to serve the Central America and Latin America market with integrated road tunnel safety management.

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