Concessionária Via Rio, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

The Transolimpica Tunnel System is part of the Transolimpica Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) corridor. This BRT corridor was specifically built for the Rio Olympics in 2016. It is one of three new BRT corridors being constructed in Rio de Janeiro. It connects the districts of Barra and Deodoro and provided access to the main sites of the Rio Olympics.

Working with the Concessionária Via Rio, Enprodes working together with Amberg Engineering of Switzerland and Mirabit of Brazil, ensured that the operator of the Transolimpica Tunnel System was ready for its task. We analysed the tunnel safety case, developed the required tunnel safety documentation and trained the operational staff. When the Olympics started in Rio, the tunnel could be used as a vital and safe transportation link between the various venues and the Olympic village.

Delivered products included the Tunnel Safety Plan, Tunnel Safety Management Plan and the Emergency Response Plan. Tunnel Operators and Tunnel Patrol Officers were also trained by Enprodes.

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