FPTI | Future Proof Transport Initiatives

To survive we, we must adapt. Adapting requires is in most cases to accept the we live not in an era of change but in a change or era. We are transitioning to a new reality and this requires a radical new approach. Moving away from fossil fuels leads us to alternative forms of energy. Wind and solar power increases the need for intermediate storage and this is proving to be a challenge. Connectivity is key when it comes to the transport of energy. Connectivity is also key when it comes to creating sustainable and circular industries. Industrial symbiosis requires industrial clusters to be connected in a dynamic way. Through Future Proof Transport Initiatives, Enprodes wants to contribute to this transition towards multi use transport solutions. This includes the concept of moving freight underground through dedicated pipeline networks. Our partner, Amberg Loglay, is working worldwide with cities to determine the feasibility of this concept. In Switzerland, Amberg Loglay is one of the driving forces behind the Cargo Sous Terrain project, that is now entering the design phase. 


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